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Himani Goyal

Himaniís journey with physiotherapy started at an early age of 15, when her grandmotherís
spinal injury at the age of 55 made her bedridden. Physiotherapy created a special place in her
heart when the physiotherapist caring for her grandmother helped her to be mobile enough to sit
and feed herself and adapt to a new way of living against all hopes.
Himani has been a physiotherapist since 2005 when she finished her Bachelorís degree in
Physiotherapy. She pursued her Masters in Physiotherapy from 2006-2008, while maintaining a
successful practice.
Himani is a certified acupuncture specialist from AFCI and holds expertise in the treatment of
musculoskeletal injuries along with spinal injuries, neurological conditions, womenís health,
geriatrics and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy. Himaniís treatment approach involves a thorough
and comprehensive assessment followed by hands-on treatments and education about
maintenance of pain free state. She focuses on prevention by optimizing posture and
biomechanics of the body.
In the dynamic era of scientific innovation, her enthusiasm to learn the latest technology and to
explore the other side of the globe brought her from New Delhi to Calgary. She strongly believes
in karma and does not miss any chance to express gratitude. Her physio experience with a vast
variety of people, and especially with spinal injury patients, makes her realize how much one
can lose within fractions of seconds. ††
When Himani is not working, she is found playing with her two beautiful girls in their self-planted
flower garden. She has a keen interest in arts and crafts, hiking, swimming and yoga. 

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